What is the 'SAMP@PROJECT'?

The samp@project - Materials for Photonic Applications course is an online approach of the 1st Advanced School on Materials for Photonic Applications - Glasses, Optical Fibers and Sol-Gel Materials (SAMPA) which was held at the Institute of Chemistry (UNESP), Araraquara-SP, Brazil, from 6 to 14 October, 2012 (website link).
Now we are offering a longer course (11 weeks) on the same subject, with online activities only.

Who are the eligible students to attend the course?

The online course is mainly addressed to graduate students who are pursuing a Master or PhD degree in Chemistry, Physics of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) in graduate programs all over the world.

What are the prerequisites to attend the course?

You should have a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with an internet access. In tablets and smartphones, some website functions may be limited.
To attend the course the students must submit an online application. See the topic "How can I apply the course".

What are the language requirements?

Applicants will be deemed to have satisfied the English language requirements in order to be able to benefit from and participate in all proposed activities.

What are the topics covered by the 'Materials for Photonic Applications' course?

This course is designed for independent study and has been organized to follow important topics regarding the processing, properties and applications of:
-optical fibers;
-and sol-gel materials.

How is the course organized?

Each unit has been further divided into a sequence of sessions that cover video lectures on the topic, accompanied by a lecture summary, quizzes and assessements with interactive on-line learning materials. For further study, there are suggested readings found in lecture's references

How much time will I spend in the course?

It is expected that the student spend about 40 hours in the course which is organized into 11 weekly sessions (~ 4 hour per week). You can probably expect to spend an one or more working through each individual session. I

How can I apply for course?

All information about the course application you can find in the samp@project homepage localized in the "Register" top menu.

Is there some fee to attend the 'Materials for Photonic Applications' online course?

The course is free-of-charge and requires only an approval of student registration by the teaching staff.

Will I get a statement of accomplishment after completing the online course?

Please contact the teaching staff if you intend to obtain a statement of accomplishment.

Could I get the same qualification studying online (off-campus) as an on-campus student?

-Yes, each unit studied in e-learning mode has the same content and assessment as attendance equivalent course.
-Of course, experimental sessions will be limited only those attending the course at Araraquara, Brazil.

How can I get the learning content of the course?

The course offers to enrolled students a combination of web-based materials, audio, video, webnairs and materials or others online learning tools. All content is carefully structured and designed specifically for independent study and you can access and download them by the samp@project e-learning portal. In addition, the same content of the course will be available in the 'Acervo Digital', an open host portal of learning tools supported by São Paulo State University which could be accessed from the homepage of samp@project portal.

What access do I have to teaching staff, technical support (tutors) and other students?

Online sessions (videoconference) with teaching staff, tutors and fellow students are scheduled to supplement the discussion of the lecture topics in a interactive way using a Virtual Meeting Sharing Room (V.M.S.).

How to contact the teaching staff?

The contact information of teaching staff could be localized in the footer of samp@project Homepage.